A glimpse of human nature

A glimpse of human nature


  “A glimpse of human nature”

by Heba ben romdhane
Sometimes, you feel unsure about people, sensing that someone might unconsciously disturb your sanity. In those happy moments, these individuals pretend to be virtuous permanently and vehemently disagree with any villainous perspectives. It’s a facade; they believe in their potential virtue. However, in a quick moment, they unconsciously take off their masks. Of course, a leopard cannot change its spots.

Freud’s theory about the unconscious mind provides a great example called the mental iceberg. Picture a generous amount of ice sinking in the sea, where the surface is smaller than the mass beneath. The small mass of ice represents the conscious mind (thoughts, perceptions), beneath which is the preconscious or subconscious (memories, stored knowledge). Finally, in the depth, we find the unconscious mind containing fears, violent motives, unacceptable sexual desires, immoral urges, selfish needs, shameful experiences, and so on.

I recalled this theory to demonstrate how much human nature is guided by their unconscious mind, and all what i have shown was just a glimpse of what they really are._

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