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Canada Goose Outlet After his son’s shooting, a Penn cook plans to roll out a food truck for at risk kids Helen Ubias On Hope Street, gloom follows Halloween gunfire that injured siblings Penn students come to aid of food worker’s son shot a day after Parkland Helen UbiasWhenever Jalil Frazier opened his eyes, he found himself on an island barely wide enough to contain his frame, boxed in on both sides by unforgiving metal bars. A familiar landscape surrounded him: four bare walls, a beige tile floor, and a tiered chandelier that hung above what used to be his family dining room.He was stuck on this uncomfortable hospital bed because he had the misfortune of being inside a North Philadelphia barbershop on an unseasonably warm January night at the same moment two men barged in, looking to rob the place.JOSE F. MORENO / Staff PhotographerUntil recently Jalil Frazier, a young father who was shot and paralyzed after he protected three children during a robbery in January, had been confined to the first floor of his Philadelphia rowhouse.Frazier, whose round face is framed by a scraggly beard and short dark hair, glanced at three children who happened to be in the shop Canada Goose Outlet.

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